Iran UNESCO heritages tour in 17 days

 Iran heritages tour: Tabriz – Zanjan- Hamadan -Kermanshah-

Khorramabad- Ahvaz- Shiraz- Yazd – Isfahan- Kashan- Tehran

Day1: Tabriz: we will arrive to Tabriz, one of the big cities in Azerbaijan of Iran and one of the economic, politics and culture axis that most important histories occurred here, it was a capital of many empires too. We will start from the big bazar, the oldest in Iran, registered by UNESCO, a place that you will know more about the people culture and their lives. One of the famous tourists (Marco polo) also visited this city. After that we will visit Mashroute House, an important place and effective in the history of Iran, after lunch we will go to Kandovan village with houses in the heart of mountain.      

Day2: Tabriz: today we will visit Azerbaijan museum, one of the important museum about 80 years old. After that we will go toward Kabud mosque, an apartment from Saljughian era with several kinds of Ceramics design inside and then we will go to El-Guli Park a place for picnic and the hexagonal mansion in the middle of this park. It was built in Soltan Yaghoub era.

Day3: Hamadan: we will be ready for Hamadan destination, but first in the way we will go toward Zanjan to visit Soltaniyeh Dome, another place that registered by UNESCO, it’s about 900 years old, the third biggest hexagonal dome in blue color in the word and we drive to Hamadan.  

Hamadan: we will go toward Hamadan one of the ancient capitals discovered of Ecbatana. Inside of city we will visit the tomb of Baba Tahir Oryan the Iranian poet with nice ceramics inside. Later we will visit Avicenna the greatest physician with his famous medical book that is teaching in most famous universities. Then we will go to Ganjineh with 2500 years old, Stone inscriptions on Alvand Mountain.                         

Day4: Kermanshah: we leave Hamadan toward Kermanshah. We will go to Anahita temple from Zartosht (Zoroaster) era, we continue to the next station Bisotoun (Mount Behistun) and Tagh-e Bostan, one of the places that love story created in. Monuments related to 2500 years old before Sasanian era and a big Romans rival that shows on the Mountains.  

(Stay in Kermanshah)

Day5: Khorramabad: in the way we will visit Khorramabad to the Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, the biggest castle on the rocks from Sasanian era about 650 years old with strategic situation.

Day6: Ahvaz: in the morning we will drive to Ahvaz, the iLamian place of birth with 3000 years old, a city in Khuzestan nearby Zagros Mountains.

Day7: Ahvaz-Shiraz: after breakfast we drive toward Shush and Haft Tepe, the capital of Ilam. Later we will go to Chogha Zanbil, the first Iranian exhibition from 3000 years ago and we can visit different parts of this religious building. After that we will go to Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, the biggest industrial complex related to many centuries before industrial revolution. The complex of bridges, waterfalls and

Barrage (dam) which says that how Iranians saving water in 1000 years ago.

(Stay in Ahvaz at night)

Day8: this morning we will be ready for a longest trip. We want to drive toward Shiraz but we have two stops: first in Nishabur, one the ancient capitals of Iran in Sasanian era and another Chogan Strait, the match square where is the competition between horse, human and ball and we can see some engravings that shows the Iranian Empire.

Day9: Shiraz: a city of poetry and poet in the world, the best great poets were born in this city like: Hafiz and Sa’adi, it’s also called World of flowers. We will visit Nasir-ol Molk mosque or Rose mosque, a mosque designed by colored windows then Arg-e Karim Khan, it looks like a medieval castles, residence of Karim Khan-e Zand, the founder of Zandieh dynasty. The oldest Bazar called Vakil a complex belonging to XVIII centuries. Inside of Bazar you will find Vakil bathroom and the Mosque. The Eram garden another beautiful places registered by UNESCO, traditional house named Narengestan Qavam, later we will go to the biggest Persian poets tombs Hafiz and Sa’adi.

(Stay in Shiraz at Night)

  Day10: Shiraz: in 70 Km of Shiraz we will visit Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis, the first monarchy of Iran in 500 years before, one of the important empires in the world where you can watch many carvings on the ancient walls and columns that was registered by UNESCO world heritage list in 1979, later we will go to Naghsh-e Rostam where is the tomb of 4 famous kings of Iran and, impressive ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, the tomb of the famous king of Persia who belongs to Cyrus Cylinder (the first declaration of human rights) the great Cyrus. We left behind Shiraz to Yazd and stay at night.

Day 11: yazd: in the morning, after breakfast we will visit a city was registered by UNESCO a city of desert area. We will go to general mosque with their tallest minarets up to the sky. Then we will go to the Fahdan village, one of the oldest in Yazd that the people were living there. After that we will visit the Mir Chaghmagh complex and Dolatabad garden was registered by UNESCO (2011) with windward. At least we visit Fire temple of Zoroastrianism and we can be familiar with the religion.   

Day12: Isfahan: we drive toward Isfahan, but in the way we will visit two historical cities, first: Meybod, we can see birds house, ancient Inn and an old refrigerator was built by clay instrument that the people making ice in this places. Then we will be familiar with the creation of post office in Iran. Then we will go to Mel of Nain, the most beautiful general mosque in the heart of desert and the second oldest mosque in Iran. Then we continue toward Isfahan. 

Day13: Full day in Isfahan. Visiting the Naqsh-e Jahan square, registered by UNESCO world heritage, the most beautiful place in the world. Later we will go to visiting Chehel Sotoun palace, memory of Safavid dynasty and nice pictures and paints on the wall and woody columns. After that we will go to Hasht Behesht palace where 8 beautiful ladies of the king were resided there and one of the attractive palaces that you ever seen. AliQapu other attraction of Safavid dynasty. Around Naghsh-e Jahan square we will visit Shah Abbas and Sheikh Lotfollah mosques and Qasariyeh duplex big Bazar to observe precious handmade (Stay in Isfahan at night)

Day14: Isfahan: visiting Isfahan, city of the XVI and XVII centuries. The neighborhood of Armenians merchants in Safavid period, start from Vank Church where we will know more about the history and the life of Iranian Christians. Later the Jama mosque, 2 old famous bridges (33 columns and Khajou bridge) when passing the bridges, you will enter to the big Isfahan history and culture.

Day15: Kashan-Tehran- exit: we left behind Isfahan toward Kashan and Abyaneh. We drive to Abyaneh, one of the specific villages in Iran and the world, such a beautiful colors and architect of village life. Later we will go to Kashan, green city in the heart of the desert. Fin garden where is registered by UNESCO, visiting the Sialk hills where we will see beautiful handmade before Christian. After that we can see Holly shrine of Masoumeh one of the Islam characters.

Day16: City tour starts from the Museum of Iran Ancient or National Museum of Iran where you will be familiar with million years of pre-Islamic culture. This Museum is about 80 years old. After that we will go to visit Abgineh Museum (glassware and ceramic) the building of the museum was built in the period of Qajar dynasty, belonging to Qavam Os-Saltaneh who became an Iran prime minister 5 times during monarchy.

Day17: At the end, we leave to the airport directly.

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