This edition of the program is about the city of Sarab in East Azerbaijan province. Also the historical sites and relics are introduced.

In the first report, Golnar Farnoodi looks at the handicrafts of Ilam Province and visualizes for us the history and the techniques of weaving used in various handicraft products in the province. The second part of the program is about the natural beauties of Golpayegan county. The lush fields, fruit orchards and mild weather of the county are featured.


This edition of the program takes us on a short visit to the city of Khaf in Khorasan Razavi Province and also introduces the natural attractions in Ilam


In this feature, Gisoo Misha Ahmadi visits some of the old churches in Tehran, and Mehdi Sepahvand introduces Iran’s intestine industry.


There is one hot air balloon specific for tourism purposes in Iran.

Hours before the takeoff, the crew makes the necessary arrangements. Assembling a hot air balloon requires time and precision. Haste is out of the question.

In the sky, wind current vary at different altitudes. For each height, there is a specific route


Handicrafts of Kohgiluyeh of Boyer Ahmad Province include the black tents which are made of goats’ hair which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Men’s clothes are also woven in Kohgiluyeh of Boyer Ahmad Province. Men’s outfits come in two types. They also include gaiters and shoes.


In the first feature, Hoda Lezgee tells about the food and dairy products of Golpayegan. The second feature is about tourist spots in Khorramabad.


The first part of this program provides a full review of the city of Ahar in East Azarbaijan Province in northwestern Iran. The second part introduces a remarkable river in Lorestan Province in western Iran.